Meet the Band

FM Silence is a band that has captured the ability to combine high energy and intimacy to their live performances.
— Evan Barnes, Photographer // TRUE LIGHT COLLECTIVE

FM Silence at Capone’s in Johnson City, TN. 2018



The band started in early 2017 by friends Nathan Wright and Denver Mount who both had a passion for music, but needed an outlet to share it. The two bonded and wrote many songs together, however it was just the two of them.. After word got around that Nathan and Denver were in a band, they were invited to play at a fraternity party at their university. This encouraged them to build the band up with very little time. After rushing to throw together a band with a few of their musician friends, they performed in front of a large outdoor audience for the first time ever as FM Silence..

After that, they realized that they were destined for more. They put a lot more thought into what the band is going to be, what they would like to accomplish and much more. The next year came bearing more shows, bigger venues and opportunities to play with many different artists! The band brought on good friend, Garrett Loseke to play full-time bass for them! Their support began to grow and their music began to develop into something that resonated with their crowds after they left a stage. 

Then it was time for the next big step in their career. The EP. This was something that was very hard for the guys. Financially it would be a big commitment and they knew they wanted to make it the best they could. With Garrett getting ready to leave for personal reasons, the guys felt rushed to make something great in the little amount of time they were given. And that's exactly what they did. They took a blind leap of faith and booked their recording date trusting that their funds would be provided. Sure enough, months later after the support from many fan donations, family, and prayers... Summer '15 was funded just in time for it's recording session. 

To sum it up, this album had a lot leading up to it. It was not simply just something that was thrown together for fun. It is a storybook full of emotion that has the backbone of hard work and love from people all around the world. People who wanted to hear this album. People who can take something away from each song.



Nathan Wright
Guitar / Lead Vocals

Denver Mount

Matthew Rogers
Bass / Vocals